- memotone
    - liam casey
    - rick shiver

    - belan
    - sanshiro
    - curly waters
    - luis martin gonzalez   
    - chago x mama matrix
    - hendrik vogel
    - carolina martines

    - angelkin
    - time is away
    - minou oram

    - frans aembient

    - nice strangers
    - pallaksch

    - airbear
    - angela lin
    - fascia lata
    - jan van den broeke

    - dj schwet

    - jacken elswyth
    - firmament
    - all night flight

    - buk’z
    - nailah hunter
    - tarotplane
    - loopsel
    - laura not
    - inness yeoman
    - venus on the half shell

    - soyoon
    - andrea ida    
    - gareth quinn redmond
    - suzanne kraft
    - vincent privat
    - iwamaki 
    - daniel

2018 — 
    - jack siddall
    - willie burns
    - chloé julliette   
    - pianola
    - az

inis:eto —
    - welcome to inis:eto. i hope you can enjoy the mixes shared on this site. warm thanks to everyone who has contributed along the way.


gareth quinn redmond

“I heard the sound of a shaminsen being played by someone taking lesson in the neighbourhood. After it stopped raining, I heard its sound carried by the wind. Then it faded into the distance and this wave created a static state that made me forget about time” - Satoshi Ashikawa

Gareth is a composer and musician from Ireland. His album, ‘Laistigh den Ghleo’, is dedicated to the life and music of Satoshi Ashikawa. It’s a beautiful record, and has recently been re-released alongside Ashikawa’s eminent environmental work ‘Still Way’. 

In his mix, Gareth selects sounds that connect his interest in environmental music and the current scene in Ireland. Entitled ‘Torann na Seimhe’, the mix flows through melodic minimal and ambient tracks from Irish composers. 

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