- angelkin
    - time is away
    - minou oram

    - frans aembient

    - nice strangers
    - pallaksch
    - airbear
    - angela lin
    - fascia lata
    - jan van den broeke

    - dj schwet

    - jacken elswyth
    - firmament
    - all night flight

    - buk’z
    - nailah hunter
    - tarotplane
    - loopsel
    - laura not
    - inness yeoman
    - venus on the half shell

    - soyoon
    - andrea ida    
    - gareth quinn redmond
    - suzanne kraft
    - vincent privat
    - iwamaki 
    - daniel

2018 — 
    - jack siddall
    - willie burns
    - chloé julliette   
    - pianola
    - az

inis:eto —
    - welcome to inis:eto. i hope you can enjoy the mixes shared on this site. warm thanks to everyone who has contributed along the way.


dj schwet

Offerings for the equinox courtesy of dj schwet.

Operating at the intersection of concrète, punk, and avant-garde, Adam has been curating the vital aspects of Bristol’s experimental scene, from cacophonous sarcophagus, to schwet, and avon terror corps.

Distilling this one into words is nigh on impossible. A start to finish masterstroke of slow, spiralling avant-erosion. Intermittently haunting, consistently searching, and touched with heart wrenching moments (hold tight 4 yonkers!).

Totally affecting - a soundtrack laced w/ the innocence n experience of a messy world re-emerging.

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