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angela lin

Angela from pure person press has kindly put together this mix entitled ‘Taipei Telenovela’. Paying tribute to the music of Lim Going, ‘a pure person’ was a welcome silver lining in 2020. You can find out more about that project here. Below are some words from Angela to be read alongside the mix. Hope you enjoy. 

I have lived in a Taipei Telenovela for the past 2 months. To my delight I have found that Mexico City and Taipei belong in the same dreamscape. It’s as if time has aged these two cities at a similar speed and now they mirror each other: in how the rain is soft but constant, in the morning steam of a food stall, and how nature makes its green and inescapable presence known.

The first half of this mix is meant to heal. After a bad scooter accident in Oaxaca I was forced to revisit the lessons I learned in Taiwan: To be still. To accept. To feel it all and let it go. This mix features field recordings of grass, spiritual female vocals, and songs that remind you to breathe.

The second half of this mix is meant to romance. You can’t escape music in Mexico City. A man, worn thin, will stand on a corner and sing a song so intimately you know it heals him. A mariachi band will find you soaked and hiding from rain and say: “This song’s for you guapa.” The DJ, after the bar has emptied, will play record after record of Mexican  love songs while you dance fanatically alone.  I’ve learned new lessons in Mexico City: To dance. To live passionately and nonsensically. To fight back. This mix features saxophones, desperate male vocals, and songs that remind you to love.

I never got to say goodbye to Taiwan. I’ve never been able to say a true goodbye to anything that really mattered in life.  I’m so grateful for the space Taiwan and Mexico have generously allowed me. This mix is my hello and goodbye to both cities. Please breathe and dance through my Taipei Telenovela with me.

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Lim Giong 林強 - 嘉義 六腳鄉  甘蔗田 (Chiayi Liujiao Township Sugar Cane Field)
Alice Damon - Treetop Winds
Growing - Izzy Johnson
No Translation - When It’s Raining
Mas Aya - Tiempo Ahora Ft. Lido Pimienta
Cong Su (蘇聰) - 機場/加州玫瑰花車/高雄港/海灘上的泳者 (The Airport/California's Rose-Parade/Kaohsiung Port/The Swimmer On The Beach)
Siaodeng - Us and Them (Rooftop Chillin’ Guitar Loop Session)
Al Johnson - Peaceful
Takeru Muraoka, Kiyoshi Yamaya - Man and Woman
Daniel Grau - Dejando Volar El Pensamiento
Tu y Yo - Julio Iglesias
Al Amor Acaba - José José
Lobo-hombre en París - La Unión
La Chica De Humo - Emmanuel
Esclavo y Amo - Javier Solis
El Noa Noa - Juan Gabriel